Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a time-tested philosophy over the past five thousand years. Two of the main practices are Acupuncture and Herbology. TCM treats most conditions and ailments. As with all medical treatments, results can vary from individual to individual.  The following are a few of the many people and ailments we have treated:


While I always believed that acupuncture worked for many people, I had little faith that it would work for me.  I just didn’t have knowledge of how and why it works.  I think that believing it for yourself is half the battle.  Jeannie took the time to explain to me the “how’s and why’s” in layman’s terms in a very kind and patient manner.  I was treated for a “crick” in my neck and literally within seconds of the acupuncture treatment I felt relief.   I also have an intense fear of needles which Jeannie helped me overcome.   I certainly will use acupuncture treatment for future ailments. 
Julie B. 

Six months ago I began suffering random, non-controllable weekly nausea and dizzy spells.  My doctor recommended a battery of tests.  The diagnosis of my condition was “vertigo”.   A series of prescription drugs followed, but my condition did not improve, as a matter of fact, it got worse.  A friend recommended acupuncture from Jeannie Ng.   After only 1 treatment, all my symptoms improved, after 3 treatments, my vertigo completely disappeared.   I have not had any reoccurrence since.                                                                   
Blanche B.   

I recently visited an Orthopedic Surgeon for pain I was having in my left knee.  After x-rays and an MRI, it was determined that I had a meniscus tear.  I was told that this was not an uncommon injury, however, since the tear was small, the doctor did not feel surgery was necessary at this time.  This left me with greatly reduced mobility, significant stiffness, and quite a bit of pain.  Since I am a Professional Speaker and Trainer, mobility is critical to my stage performance.  Hence, I decided to seek alternative treatment.  A dear friend told me about acupuncture.  After the first session, the pain and stiffness was reduced, and after several sessions, my movement is almost back to normal.  I am now on a bi-weekly maintenance program for my overall well-being, and the results are "excellent".
Richard Tyler

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For an appointment click Set Appointment or call 713.826.9097 
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