Houston Acupuncture in the Galleria area with Jeannie Ng, Licensed Acupuncturist

Healing, Harmony, and Health. These three H's are the guiding principles of our Houston Galleria area acupuncture clinic's approach to wellness in the twenty first century.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a time-tested philosophy over the past five thousand years.  It is the study of humans through the body and the mind.  The body deals with energy or qi, pronounced “chi”, its balance of yin and yang, and the related organs.  Mind deals with psychology and philosophy which is explicitly addressed through the “I Ching”, or the Book of Changes.

Acupuncture as a means of curing illness is not new, acupuncture is a tool that practitioners have applied to their patients for thousand of years. Acupuncture's aim is to enhance the body's positive energies and to strengthen the body's energy flow, thereby resulting in the body using its natural recuperative and regenerative powers to heal itself. 

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